What is Obesity ?

As known by everyone, Nutrition is a Essential need of life which begins in

mother’s womb and goes on life long.

Nutrition is, intakening the needed food in enough and balanced amounts for

the people’s growth, development, live longer, being healthy and productive.

Nutrition is not only feeding the stomach, suppressing hunger, eating or

drinking anything desired.

In daily life, people needs energy changing according to their age, gender,

business, genetic and physiological properties and some disease situations.

( Pregnant, breast feeding, baby, school age, young, adult, elderly, worker,

sportsman, Cardiovascular System Diseases , Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension,

Respiratory Diseases, etc.

To maintain a healthy life, energy taken & burned must be balanced.

In adult men, 15 – 18 %, in women 20 – 25 % of body weight is adipose tissue.

Increase of this rate over 25 % in men and over 30 % in women creates obesity.

When the daily caloric intake is more than the calories have been burned the

energy which can not be used is being stored as fat in the body and causes

obesity. Obesity is being accepted as a disease which effects quality and

duration of life in a harmful way.

Concordantly, technological improvements of present day, makes the life

easier but limits daily activities considerably.

Obesity is defined by WHO ( World Health Organisation ) as “ Accumulation of fat in the body, with the limits of health threatening ”

In Turkey; Obesity and Morbid Obesity prevalance is 30 – 33 % in Istanbul and

Bursa, which are two of of our cities, having highest development levels.

Correlatively, in obesity surgery, Bursa and Istanbul become prominent related

to the this increase in Morbid Obesity prevalance.

It’s also important to mention that obesity, Morbid obesity and Metabolic

Syndrome developing afterwards threatens life. Because of this, for the

treatment of obesity, Morbid Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome, efficacy of

surgical methodes have been clinically proven.

In the “ Obesity Surgery Consensus Meeting ” which has been held 2001, it has

been tried to optimize the technical steps of the operations according to

different patient profiles.

Surgeons from all over the world who’re specialized for Obesity & Metabolic Surgery, were in our country for the meeting of IFSO 2013 “ Obesity and Metabolic Surgery ” İstanbul Turkey" and shared their successes and experiences.

The goal is, to decide the proper surgery methode according to the patient’sprofile and to be able to give support after the operation.

Patients who decided for the operation, have 3 questions to be asked and

answered :

1- Which is the best methode for him / herself ?

2- What’s the experience level and success rate of the surgeon about the

recommended methode ?

3- The accessibality of the surgeon relating to the probability of some post

Op. problems and post op support.

As a result, if it’s been decided for any kind of operation, following points are

very important and have to be underlined again and again :

· Preperation period before obesity surgery

· Choosing the most proper Surgical Methode

· Choosing the most proper surgeon and hospital

· Support and diet regulations after the operations


Ersun TOPAL, MD, Op.General Surgery Specialist 

Kodanka Yazılım