MİNİ GASTRİK BYPASS ( Mini Gastric Bypass )

Mini Gastric Bypass

Mini Gastric Bypass operation, has been firstly defined by Robert Rutledge,MD,Op. in 2001Dr.Rutledge, who’s been specialized in “ Morbid Obesity Surgery ” . This surgical technique and its results aroused interest of the world and is started to being applied in many countries by many Obesity surgeons.

Mini Gastric Bypass ( MGP ) is being applied since 2001 more frequently because when compared with Roux – N – Y (RYN ) Gastric Bypass Surgery; it’s

·        More simple

·        More safe

·        Can be applied in a shorter time

·        Has less complications

·        Has more powerful effect on “ Metabolic Syndrome ”

 ( Annals in Surgery 2005 )

Is Mini Gastric Bypass Operation Safe ?

What’s the Effect of this Operation on to Diabetes Mellitus ?

According to the summary of the results of a clinical study, which has been designed by Italian Obesity Surgeons and published in the “ Journal of Surgical Endoscopy ” in 2014;

·        MGB (Mini Gastric Bypass ) Surgery has been applied to 974 obesity patients

·        Patients have been followed up for 60 months by regular intervals and analyses.

·        Efficacy of MGB operation for both Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension has been found 90 % .

·        Mortality rate after this operation is only 2 patients of 974 cases ( 0.2 % )

Who’s Making Mini Gastric Bypass Operation in Bursa ?

Mini Gastric Bypass operation is successfully being applied to the Obesity & Diabetes Mellitus patients by Ersun Topal, MD, Op.  who is specialized on the operations of Obesity, Metabolic and Diabetes.

MGP operation, can be applied with Laparoscopic ( Closed ) methode, ( Like Laparoscopic cholecystectomy ) without negatively effecting the patients’ life comfort and quality.


How can Mini Gastric Bypass Operation be Applied ?  

If you’re a Morbid Obesity patient and can’t manage to loose weight by methodes like diet & exercise and also you have an accompanying Diabetes Mellitus, Mini Gastric Bypass might be a proper surgery technique for you.

MGB operation is being implemented with Laparoscopic ( Closed ) methode from 4 holes ( 0,5 – 1 cm wide ) opened into the abdomen wall.

During this operation, by the help of the staples ( Brand name is Covidien ) it’s been constituted a small stomach potch which is 15 cm long and 2 cm widht.

And than this small potch is being connected between 180 – 200 th centimeters.

Under favour of this operation and small potch, volume of the stomach is being decreased from 1000 cl to 50 cl. Thus, patients feels “ early fullness ” even with 50 cl food.

Following this, passage of food into 150 -180 th centimeters ( The part of intestine with highest absorbtion rates of intestine ) is being precluded and it’s been provided to pass through the 180 – 200 th centimeters of intestines.

In a word, after MGB operation, by precluding and / or decreasing of the orally intaken sugar and sugary food absorbtion from intestines Diabetes Mellitus disease can be recovered.

When can I start feeding and discharged from the hospital following MGB Operation ?

Following closed ( Laparoscopic ) MGB ( Mini Gastric Bypass ) operation,  patients are standed up after 4 hours from the operation and after 24 hours can begin orally feeding.

Patients who don’t have any problem in clinical follow ups, can be discharged after 3 days by giving feeding recommendations.

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