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Ersun Topal, MD


I was born in 1973, in Aydın / Turkey. I live in Bursa currently, I’m married and have two children.

Educational Background :

I’ ve completed my elementary, secondary and high school education in Aydın and have been graduated from  Lycee of Aydın in 1990. After graduating high school I’ve started my University Education in Ankara University  Faculty of Medicine in 1990 and have been graduated in 1997.

Occupational Experience :

Following my graduation I worked as a Family Physician for Ministery of Health, in Karaçoban / Erzurum and Kosk / Aydın, in order  to complete my conscription.

I’ve started my “ Medical Specialization Education”, in Bursa University of Faculty, Department of General Surgery in 2002 and finished in 2007.  Following this, I’ve started to work as General Surgeon in Sevket Yılmaz State Hospital and has worked in that hospital till 2013.

While working there and having the leadership of “ Making The Highest Number of Group A Surgical Operation ”  I’ve resigned from the hospital and Ministery of Health and has begun to work for “ Doruk Health Group Hospitals ”

Meanwhile, I’ve completed my Military Obligation in Ağrı Military Hospital and have achieved being the first sub-lieutenant surgeon in making the first Laparoscopic appendectomy operation in the history of that hospital.

Following the Master Class Education of “Laparoscopic abdominal wall repair and inguinal hernia ” in 2011; I’ve successfully completed “ Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia operation ” in  more than 350 patients and “ Incisional & Umblical Hernia ” in more than 100 patients.

Beside this, I’ve operated more than 120 patients suffering from Esophageal Reflux Disease, by using the Nissen Technics. ( Laparoscopic Reflux Surgery )

I’ve finished “ Laparoscopic Colon & Rectum Surgery Master Class Education in 2012 and following this, I’ve attended the course of “Laparoscopic Colon & Rectum Surgery ” organised by “ Association of Turkish Endoscopic Laparoscopy Surgery ”  and “ Association   of Turkish Colon & Rectum Surgery ” . Following those educations, I’ve laparoscopically operated more than 50 patients suffering from Colon Cancer and Diseases.

Following “ Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery Course in 2013, I’ve successfully operated more than 200 patients in two years, living in Bursa and who have “ Morbid Obesity ” using the methods of “ Laparoskopic Sleeve Gastrectomy, Laparoskopic Mini Gastric Baypass and Laparoskopic SADI-S ( Sleeve Gastrectomy & Bypass ) , revisional Bariatric Surgery technics

I have to mention that, I’m the first General Surgeon especially in Bursa and in only a few clinics of Turkey who has implemented “ SADI – S Operation Technique ” in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery area, Advance Laparoscopic Surgery Procedure for the patients suffering from Type 2 DM  ( Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus )  accompanying Morbid Obesity.

In the mean time, I’m the first General Surgeon in Bursa, operating Diabetic Surgery patients by using the techniques of “ Diverted sleeve gastrectomy ileal interposition and nondiverted sleeve gastrectomy ileal interposition” with a success rate of 95 %.

Finally I also want to add that, I’m one of the few surgeons in Bursa and Turkey, using the “ Laparoscopic Transcit Bipartition ”, which is a different and current technic for operating Type 2 Diabetic Patients.

Other Occupational Trainings :

·         “ Robotic Surgery Course ” 2013, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland / USA .

·         “ Laparoscopic Colon Rectum Master Class” 2013, Elancourt / France.

·         “ Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Course ” organised by  Mehmet Gorgun, MD.Proff., 2014, Istanbul / Turkey

·         EACCME, “ Laparoscopic Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Advanced Course ” 2015, Strasbourg / France

·         “ Obesity Surgery Winter School ” organised by TOSS ( Society of Turkish Obesity Surgeons ) 2015, Istanbul / Turkey


As a result, during my vocational career, especially in  " Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery "     I have an experience of nearly 2000 operations.

Memberships of Medical Associations :

·         IFSO ( International Federation Surgery of Obesity )

·         Turkish Association of Surgery

·         Turkish Association of Obesity

·         Turkish Association of Colon and Rectum Surgery

·         Turkish Association of Laparoscopic Surgery

·         Bursa Association of Surgery

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Adres : Bağlarbaşı Mahallesi, Sanayi Caddesi, Deniz-Bora İş Merkezi No:324/6 Osmangazi,BURSA

Telefon & Whatsapp 1: 0 (545) 629 29 48

Telefon & Whatsapp 2: 0 (543) 269 31 50

Email: info@budom.com.tr

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